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The Computer Guy is proud to help support the Rural That Works conference! For On-Site Computer Repair, Remote Repair or security scans and implementation, please contact The Computer Guy. The phone number is 641-420-1234 and email address is!

The newest scam out there is an email demanding $1000 in bitcoin as a ransom to prevent the perpetrator from giving your porn viewing history to all of your friends. They claim they have all of the web history of your online habits and will share them. Don't bite -- it's a hoax. HOWEVER, change your passwords now and then and don't use the same password for all of your accounts. Ken Dwight, The Virus Doctor joins The Computer Guy for a conversation about "The Sextortion Email Scam."

NOW through Monday, November 27th, 2017, receive and extra 2 months of service for the 12 month price of $40 plus tax.

Behind the scenes at The World Wide College of Auctioneering in Mason City, Iowa, there's always one BIG personality. This time it's Kody Steele on Minnesota! Kody has his own YouTube Channel as well --

Oak Leaf Comics & Collectibles is having their 40th anniversary this Saturday, October 14th from 10 - 6. Stop by and experience all of the excitement! I chatted with Mike Tickal about the big event!

We are talking with the owners of a NEW Food Delivery Service in North Iowa at We Got It. Meet Trysten Swanson and Jonathan Marinero -- the guys who will go the extra mile for your culinary cravings -- just call them and order your food at (641) 210-8699.

I've seen Rex Allen Jr probably a dozen times over my life of following music and he has decided to retire from touring. Always friendly and happy to see an audience, I talked to him about his life on the road and how he's looking forward to being on the other side of the footlights.

On today, I review Chapel Con 2017 and look ahead to 2018 with Gilbert Johnson Jr. Keep up with Chapel Con online at:

I ran into longtime talk show host Micheal Essany a while back in 2015 and now that he has his brand new talk show on Amazon Prime called "The Goodnight Show" I thought it would be time to feature the interview!

Z'mariks Noddle Cafe is the newest hot spot in Mason City, IA and we chat with Ellie and Gary about their newest location in Iowa!

A new business in Sheffield, IA called Block 10 at 1921 City Hall is open and you NEED to stop by! Holly Coffee fills us in on what she has going on in this restored location.

Today we go to The Worldwide College of Auctioneering in Mason City, Iowa to chat with a couple of the instructors and a couple of students who hope to enter the profession.

We discuss Podcasting and Blab and how it relates to those of us in Northern Iowa. We are joined by Jason Falls, Janet Johnson and Bridget Willard. Enjoy! @jasonFalls @janet_johnson @youtoocanbeguru @yankzpat

More than ever, people are being stung on Facebook by hoaxes and privacy breeches, mostly coming from 3rd party Facebook applications. If you have some you want to remove, here's how!

This makes #20!! We talk about hoaxes involving the terrorist strike in France and what to look out for. Gift cards and why I record Pat's On Periscope, even though I do not have a huge following on Periscope! One rude person gets under my skin.

I review the recent Midwest Social Media Summit from 10/24/15 -- 9 out of 10 stars and a MUST for 2016.

I did a quick Demonstration of Periscope at the MSMS on 10/24 at NIACC!

A quick review of the Periscope Video Class at the Midwest Social Media Summit.

A day late due to a conflict on Monday night at the Long Island Medium. Hershey joins in on the fun!

We talk Weather Apps and child safety while on Social Media. Here's a video that parents may want to watch about safety.

On the maiden voyage of Random Access I review the 2015 Parade Season for The Computer Guy. Highlights from every parade of the summer of 2015!

We talk Microsoft hoaxes, Social Media Summit and domestic violence. Here's the link to the Dr. Phil Aspire News app.

Melody Jones and I discuss the ins and outs of Periscope and getting your video on YouTube and reposting that link. Originally on Blab -

There's a special place in hell for these crooks that take advantage of people at the tune of $15 BILLION dollars a year.

A frank discussion of politics and photos that you may NOT want to post on Facebook and what I do if I find child porn on a computer I am working on...

A review of the Social Media Rockstar Event and its speakers! 9 out of 10 stars!

I'm headed to MN for a Social Media conference and looking forward to it!!

We are talking laptops vs. liquids, Facebook Business pages and travel hoaxes!

I discuss keeping your computer COOL and also Workspace locations in North Iowa!

Today we talk about calling The Computer Guy first! Also Rants & Raves and a Mars as big as the moon!!

We're talking Tech, Social and Hoaxes on Pat's On Periscope!!

TV Tips, Elvis week and Don't click that video link!!

Today I talk about Social Media's perks and the BIG Facebook event in Minneapolis, Windows 10 and some telephone hoaxes.

The Facebook "Boost Your Business" class rolled into Minneapolis on 7/26 and I had the chance to catch up with Mari Smith!

We are talking Windows 10, the Twins/Yankees game with my nephew Luke and a bank account virus hoax. PLUS a visit from Hershey!! All right here!

In this episode we talk about conflicting antivirus programs, how social media has been both a plus and a minus for people and five pitfalls and hoaxes that people on Facebook fall into. Enjoy!

We talk Tech, Social & Hoaxes -- A little bit about emails and the state and county fairs, capacity on cell towers and FREE trips from hoaxed profiles on Facebook!!

This was the show right after the 4th of July. We talk about Emails, Social Media and Andy Griffith! Enjoy!

In this show we cover Tech Tips, Social Media and Hoaxes. We discuss antivirus/malware protection, Posts to your BRAND page and some hoaxes! Enjoy!

The Debut Edition of Pat's On Periscope! We are talking about this new form of communication and some of the things we need to know about it. We will also cover Computer Tech Issues, Social Media and some Hoaxes! Welcome! EntreFEST is May 20 - 22nd in Downtown Iowa City. Sign up today at

Cute video that I did with Action Coach Andy of Mason City!

:30 second commercial for The Computer Guy!

Our North Iowa Social Media Breakfast Club had some fun with Udderly Smooth Hand Cream at a recent meeting! Enjoy!

Over the last several months, I've been getting complaints about people doing "Google Searches" and coming up with harmful results that have cost people money. Here are a few tips and some advice on getting to where you need to go on the Internet.

This is a demo of ChromeCast. The Computer Guy will be glad to come to your home or business to hook this unit up. I will provide the ChromeCast unit and labor for a set rate, hook up your devices and provide instruction. You provide the TV with an HDMI port, USB or other power source and a WiFi network and I will do the rest! This will NOT work with phone company "hot spots" and I wouldn't use it with metered services as it will use data that will count against your download services.

The first annual Social Media Rockstar Event was held at Jackpot Junction in Morton, MN on 9/19/13 and was a splendid event! Over 120 people were there, plus a variety of vendors. We interview those who were there!

The Computer Guy of Hampton, Iowa was recently interviewed by Dr. Linda Niehm from Iowa State University for a research project for early adapters of Social Media. Dr. Niehm summarizes the interview.

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